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What is the Rhyming Qur'an?

The Rhyming Qur’an is an accessible rendition of the Qur’an in rhyming English poetry. Following a long tradition in Islamic history of conveying the message and teachings of the Qur’an through poetry, most notably by Mawlana Rumi in his Mathnawi (which has been described as the Qur’an in Persian) - the Rhyming Qur’an seeks to convey, in accessible English, something of the melodic impact that the Qur’an has in its original Arabic.

Spiritual Transformation

Experience the Qur'an

At the heart of this project is a belief in the power of the Qur’an to continue to radically transform the lives of those who encounter it, as it did for those who first heard it in 7th century Arabia. What is missing for modern readers and listeners in the West, particularly those from a non-Muslim background, is the ability to appreciate the sheer beauty and eloquence of the Qur’anic Arabic, and an awareness of its context.


Melodic English Rhyme

The Qur'an in context

The eloquence of the Qur’an in Arabic can never be matched, but simple prose translations of the Qur’an fall short in conveying the wonderful auditory experience of the Qur’ans rhythmic Arabic. The Rhyming Qur’an seeks to provide a partial rectification, through its melodic English rhyme. Further, by including details from two Tafasirs (Ibn Abbas and al-Jalalayn) important context is provided which makes the verses accessible even to one with no prior knowledge of Islam.

Vivid Imagery

Memorable rhyming verses

The Rhyming Qur’an is a perfect introduction to the Qur’an for English speakers seeking to understand the Qur’anic message without having access to Tafasir (commentary) or trained Islamic scholars. The memorable rhyme adds an aesthetic auditory quality, such an important part of the Qur’an in its original Arabic. The striking combination of powerful rhyme and vivid imagery may appeal particularly to younger people, giving them access to the meanings of the Qur’an alongside reading it in Arabic.



The Rhyming Qur’an seeks to widen access to the meanings of the Qur’an. We have much in store, if you would like to support the project or learn more, please get in touch with us by contacting

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